The importance of daylight for my new custom home.

Natural daylight is as equally important to the look and feel of your home as it is to your immune system

Research has proven the importance of daylight in your ever day life and it should be incorporated into every design.  Daylight allows your circadian rhythm (cycle of activity and rest) to perform at its best.  It is how we make vitamin D, which is important for your immune system.  Our genes respond positively to daylight in order to help fight disease.

Daylight also saves money!  If you are able to naturally light a space that you spend a lot of time in then you are subsequently using your electricity less.  Bedrooms (depending on square footage) are required to have a certain amount of window for natural light by code.

Also, ample amounts of natural light create a desirable ambience, thus contributing to your homes comfort.  There are many simple ways to allow for maximum daylight.  Natural light is design decision that should be made when selecting your site.